Fitness Over 50: Tips For A Realistic Attitude

Old School New Body 2Your body is changing all the time in response to age, hormones, the environment, stress, and illness. Most people go through distinct phases such as puberty, early adulthood, middle age, and menopause if you are a woman. That means your attitudes to fitness should change with the times.

Tips for a Realistic Approach after Fifty

Remember that you can’t lose weight or build muscle as easily at 50 (or even 40) as you did following the birth of your first child at 26 or 30. Men echo this age-related weight loss concern and similar workout woes to those voiced by women over 50. Professionals at middle age are in demand, their schedules are busy, and there is a lot of stress to manage. Waking up at 5am before commuting an hour and attending meetings all day or slotting in gym time at 8pm both seem exhausting, but there has to be some “me” time in there somewhere.

Structure your day to include at least a half hour where you can run, walk, swim, use a stationary bike, or do something that raises your heart rate. Thirty minutes daily with a mixture of muscle endurance and cardio moves should be enough to keep you fit if your diet is sensible. You will feel both physically and mentally better: more alert and happier.

Safety and Fitness

Bone loss is a real problem faced even by fit middle-aged men and women. Hormones and changes in activity levels put them at risk. Those sedentary jobs aren’t helping and plus-fifties spend less time exercising than their younger counterparts. This leaves a person at risk of fractures caused by falling but also caused by lack of balance. Improve balance with Pilates and yoga, both of which involve postures and movements which focus on core strength. Yoga will help you stay limber.

Embracing your Age

Consider this stage in your life as an opportunity to choose workouts you like instead of chauffeuring your kids to sports they enjoy. Did you long to join a karate class but couldn’t afford to when the kids were enrolled? Fulfill your dream and wear the uniform. Did you wish there was more time to spend with friends? Combine social and active goals by forming a walking, hiking, or running club with a few chums from work, the neighborhood, church, or all of the above.

Fitness over 50 and Supplements

Even a healthy diet could be lacking in the concentration of essential minerals and vitamins you need to fight illness and pack on more bone mass, such as Vitamin C and calcium. Incorporate a multi-vitamin into your diet, selecting a respected brand and a format that was designed for your age group. Your nutritional requirements are different at 50 than they were at 30, so the concentration of nutrients in 50+ multivitamins reflects those changing needs.

Adopt a Realistic Outlook

Above all, don’t feel bad when you can’t achieve a youthful look. Settle for a toned, fit body that is far healthier than that of the average fifty-something. Glow with inner youthfulness and belie your true age.