Supplements: Necessary For Fitness After 40?

vitamins-521368_1280The owner of a health food store will tell you that vitamin supplements are an essential part of life no matter what age you are. Some doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and holistic practitioners agree, but not all of them. You might think your diet is the key to a balanced nutrient profile, providing your body everything it needs in order to fight the impact of aging.

Vitamins are Essential

Everyone needs to eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. The question is whether food is enough. That all depends on how well you eat, any food intolerance you might have to certain foods, and pre-existing illnesses or chronic conditions. Someone with asthma, allergies, or arthritis should be looking out for anti-inflammatory foods. An individual suffering from mood disorders needs brain food and improved digestion.

Choosing Vitamin Supplements

A lot of the vitamins sold at the grocery store are full of products you are told to avoid. Some contain sugar, dye, and synthetic ingredients. Mainstream views about sugar are all in agreement: stay away from refined sugar and synthetic versions. When a product is “naturally sweetened” this could still mean it contains refined table sugar as opposed to Aspartame.

Many vitamins are coated or filled with substances causing digestive ailments or allergies. These include soy, wheat, and dairy. Read labels carefully because supplements could be doing more harm than good.

There is also the question of absorption: that is, will your body use the nutrition you are supplying or will you excrete it? Many experts believe that liquids are the easiest to digest and absorb.

Read Reviews

Check out what consumers and experts have to say about various brands of vitamins, especially the ones targeting your age bracket. They highlight brands containing the highest-quality ingredients, allergy-free products, whole foods, and also vegan labels if you don’t consume animal products.

Importance of Healthy Digestion

Whether you take vitamins or focus on a healthy diet, your digestive system has to be working if vitamins and minerals are to be absorbed. An individual suffering from IBS or one of many other gastric ailments probably doesn’t absorb a lot of what she ingests, especially if her stools are regularly loose.

At least one meal or snack during the day should include probiotics: miso soup, plain yogurt, or sauerkraut, for example. If you don’t like these foods, take a probiotic tablet so your GI tract can perform properly.

Vitamins Over 40

Bone and skin health, immunity, eye sight, brain function: all or some of these functions start to deteriorate by the age of 40 or before. You might delay the inevitable by staying fit and eating a well-balanced diet, but you can’t put off the signs of aging forever. That is why a vitamin could be helpful if you choose one that is appropriate for your age. Brands divide their products into categories for client stages: prenatal, post-menopausal, post-40, men, women, children, and so on. Hone in on labels showing the RDA for your sex, age, and life stage to ensure you are truly caring for your body.