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Old School New BodyWhen I first saw the website for the Old School New Body program, my initial thought was that the creators were going to simply turn back the clock and lead us back to the “old school” style of exercises, kind of like the Jack LaLanne days of “trimnastics” as he called his exercises in his very first television episode. And, as an aside, I don’t know how many of you readers recall the old “Jack LaLanne Fitness Centers,” but this writer used to work at one in 1982-83 as an instructor! That will give you some idea of my age.

Old School New Body Review

Anyway, enough of Memory Lane and back to Old School New Body! Of course I was mistaken in my assumptions about the program. What the authors are saying is that people like me – over the age of 35 (or, in my case, over 50) do not have to just accept a less than optimal body due to our ages.

The actual name of their program is “F4X Training System.” The F4X means “Focus for Exercise.” And, while I was joking about the old Jack LaLanne methods (by the way, I loved and respected that man more than you know – and he did live to be 96!), when the authors say “old school,” what they’re saying is that we do not need dozens of high-tech and ultra-modern tools and machines to get results. Lets go further into this Old School New Body review

How excited are you about the thought of handing over hundreds of dollars for a gym membership and/or fancy machine that is going to turn out to be another coat rack (come on… you can admit it if that sounds familiar)? Look… do you have some dumbbells or other weights? You can get some at Walmart or a local thrift store or yard sale. Because you will need some basic stuff like weights. The exercises in Old School New Body include weight and resistance, so some very basic equipment is appropriate. If you do have access to a gym – maybe a YMCA or community center with an exercise facility, that will work too.

Now, the general Old School New Body protocol is broken down into 3 phases:

F4X Lean – a combination of nutrition and High Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT), which will leave you knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you just kicked butt and burned some calories!

F4X Shape – basically a modification of the first phase; some “tweaks.” You’ll be working out for longer periods of time, and adding some different exercises to the routine.

F4X Build – where you will build up muscle without “bulking” up. But, there is an emphasis on the “body building” aspect of things.

It is, after all, about re-shaping the body you have now (if, that is, you’re in the same position as many other people over 35 and beginning to lose the tone you once had).

If you happen to be thinking that you’re “too old” to make major changes in your body and health, stop that! You aren’t, and Old School New Body can help! But, if you cannot wrap your head around the fact that you can make major changes regardless of your age, then save the $20.

Oh, did I just say $20? Twenty whole dollars? That’s correct. That’s exactly what this thing costs! And you have a whole 60 days to try it to see if you like it. If you don’t, you can get a refund.

If you can’t drop $20 with a full satisfaction guarantee, well… then Old School New Body is not for you.

If you feel you can’t make some dietary modifications based on the suggestions in the program, then it’s not for you. By the way, Steve Holman, the author, says you don’t have to totally quit that glass of wine. So, if that’s your concern, that you have to give up all your favorite past-times, you can relax.

If you’re not going to bother reading and at least trying some of the protocol, save your $20.

So, review what I just said. Can you agree that you can make changes no matter how “old” you are? Can you risk $20 on something that guarantees your satisfaction? Are you willing to at least try modifying your diet? Are you willing to at least try the program if you buy it?

If you answered Yes, Yes, Yes, and YES… well GOOD! Then head over to Old School New Body now, and just do it! We hope that this Old School New Body review helps you decide if this is the right program for you!